Omar Darwiche Domingues

Paris - France

AI Researcher

hello, hello!

I am a researcher and engineer in machine learning (ML) / artificial intelligence (AI), focusing on different aspects of decision making. I completed my PhD in reinforcement learning in the Scool team (previously SequeL) of Inria Lille, France, under the supervision of Michal Valko and Emilie Kaufmann.

People produce knowledge, and knowledge helps us build solutions for real problems. Abstractly speaking, I enjoy working on creating and transforming knowledge into actionable solutions. With many amazing colleagues, I've had the opportunity to work on different topics, such as theoretical aspects of sequential decision making under uncertainty, study of the optimal design of submarine optical fiber systems, deep learning applied to cancer research, software development for reinforcement learning research, among other topics. My current projects are related to large language models and reinforcement learning.

My PhD thesis is available here, and my publications are available on my Google Scholar profile.

Besides research, I'm interested in music, politics, philosophy, education, and learning random things.